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Our Mission


Our mission is to equip students for their journey on the road through this life to eternal life with God. Our Teachings for a Lifetime help students grow in learning, integrity, faith, and excellence to become equipped disciples of Jesus.


Redeemer Lutheran School is not only a private school but a faith‐based, Christian school. We practice our faith continuously, and we pray daily. We worship corporately in weekly chapel services. The Christian faith is taught daily in our classrooms and is integrated into all areas of learning and school‐sponsored activities.

Student-Teacher Ratio

One strong educational advantage we have is our student‐teacher ratio. When high classroom numbers are so prevalent in other schools, we are blessed to have a student‐teacher ratio of 14:1. This educational advantage enabled our 1st through 8th grade students to regularly attain composite scores of 90% or better when compared with national school norms on the annual, fall Iowa Tests of Basic Skills.

Experienced Faculty/Accredited School

Our teachers are highly qualified and motivated professionals with more than 250 years of accumulated experience. All are college educated and most were educated in Lutheran universities and are licensed by the Minnesota State Department of Education. We are accredited through National Lutheran School Accreditation.

Families Welcome

Redeemer Lutheran School warmly welcomes families and children, just as Jesus openly welcomed children to come to Him. Our arms are likewise open – and you don’t have to be Lutheran! We provide many opportunities for parents to participate in ways that support their child’s education.

Expected Outcomes

The quality faith‐based building blocks of Teachings for a Lifetime – learning, integrity, faith, and excellence – enable Redeemer students to follow and witness for Jesus, successfully transition through stages of learning, and become caring young citizens of the world.

High School Readiness

We believe in order to know if our school is successful in our goals, you need to ask those who have gone before. Here's what parents and past students have to say about how Redeemer prepared them for their future.

“I love that about Redeemer: the strong Christian environment that surrounds you every day.  What I also love about the school is the staff.  Every day, every hour, every minute, every teacher goes the extra mile to help you….  All the teachers treat you like you are part of their own family and put your best interests first so that they do what is most helpful and convenient for you, not for them….  The most important thing they do is that they teach us and set an example of what it is like to be a Christian.  Faith comes before everything, no matter what.”