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Home Schoolers

Redeemer provides home-school families student enrollment on a “per course” basis.  Upon completion of a course, the home-school student will receive an official grade from Redeemer indicating the student’s performance, based on the same parameters as our full-time students.  If interested, home-school families may choose to enroll children in multiple courses.  (All enrollment is contingent upon available space.)


Tuition costs for home-school students will be prorated based on the established tuition for full-time students.  For example, if a home-school student is in attendance for 10% of the school day, tuition would be charged at a rate of 10% of the full tuition.  Any other applicable fees would be prorated using the same formula.

Redeemer is an accredited elementary school through National Lutheran School Accreditation and offers a Biblically-based preschool through eighth grade academic program.